Which spiritual beings should we communicate with? The skill of discernment.

by Anne Reith, Ph.D.
Numerous spiritual beings in field of white and blue light
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Numerous spiritual beings in field of white and blue light

The skill of discernment in psychic work and mediumship

One of the most challenging aspects of developing your psychic abilities is learning how to distinguish between (a) the messages that we should listen to and (b) the messages that we should ignore.

In the metaphysical field, this skill is often referred to as “discernment.” 

The topic of discernment is critically important to psychic work. However, it isn’t a simple process, and it takes time to explain.

Therefore, the topic of discernment will be explained in a series of interrelated blog posts: 

  • Discernment – Which spiritual entities should we communicate with?
  • Discernment – How our ego can mislead us when doing spiritual work
  • Discernment – How to discern between “true guidance” and “false guidance”

This will focus on distinguishing between the spiritual beings that we should communicate with and, more importantly, which ones we shouldn’t.

What is discernment?

Everyone receives messages from Divine sources all the time. There are two potential errors that we can make regarding these messages:

  • Missing messages: Many times we don’t recognize Divine messages. We assume that they are our own thoughts, daydreams, body sensations, etc. We need to learn how to recognize messages that are coming from the Divine. Unless we can do this, we are missing opportunities to receive spiritual guidance, support, and connection.
  • Thinking something is a message when it isn’t: There may be times when we think one of those thoughts, daydreams, body sensations, etc., is actually a Divine message, but it isn’t. When this happens, it’s not just a missed opportunity. If we make decisions based on information that we believe is coming from a Divine source when it isn’t, this can be damaging and even dangerous.

In either case, the skill of discernment is essential to learning how to accurately recognize Divine messages. Although it takes time to learn, everyone can develop this skill. Education and practice are the keys to developing your ability to discern! This blog post will help with the education component of that learning process.

Categories of contact – Summary Table

This first blog post on discernment will focus on explaining which spiritual beings are safe to connect with, which are not safe, and which groups should be connected with cautiously.

The following summary table provides you with an overview of these groups, each of which will be described in more detail throughout the remainder of this blog post.

Categories of Contact Table

NOTE: This is part of a larger table. The complete table will be presented in another blog post on discernment.

Spiritual entities that ARE safe to connect with

The first column of the Categories of Contact Table indicates which spiritual beings are “safe” when it comes to receiving Divine guidance.

This category is easy to explain: Our target groups are spiritual entities that are “of the light.”  I lovingly refer to them as “our peeps.”

For Lightworkers, here is a basic list of “our peeps”:

  • God/Source/Spirit/All-That-Is/Yahweh/Allah/Mother-Father-God
  • Archangels (e.g., Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, hundreds more)
  • Angels (i.e., there are millions of angels)
  • Ascended Masters (e.g., Jesus, Buddha, the saints/apostles, Mother Mary, Krishna)
  • Guides (also known as Primary Guides or Guardian Angels)
  • Deceased loved ones (but ONLY those who have crossed to the Light)
  • Higher Self (NOTE: Your Higher and Lower Self will be defined and discussed in another blog post on discernment.)

All of the spiritual beings listed above are safe to connect with because they are part of God/Source/Spirit.  This means that they are “plugged into Spirit” and can, therefore, provide loving messages of support and guidance to those of us on the Earth plane.

NOTE: There are other categories, but humans seldom have contact with them so they won’t be discussed in this blog post (e.g., Dominions, Principalities, Cherubs).

Entities that MAY NOT be safe to connect with

Sadly, all of the other columns in the Categories of Contact Table include entities that either are not or may not be safe to communicate with. Why? Because either these entities are not or might not be “of the Light” and not “plugged into Spirit.”

There are three primary categories of entities that are not or may not be “safe” to connect with. Again, each will be explained in more detail below:

  • Dark entities
  • Entities from other worlds or dimensions (some of them)
  • Deceased loves ones who haven’t (yet) crossed to the light

Because these entities are not part of God/Source/Spirit, that means their messages usually are not loving, supportive, or encouraging. Instead, their messages often make Lightworkers feel uncomfortable, belittling, judgmental, angry, frightening, and other “negative” emotions.

A note about my spiritual role in dealing with dark entities

From the outset of this blog post, I want to recognize that there are those in the metaphysical field who do not believe that dark entities exist. I always tell my students, “Take what you like and leave the rest.” However, I also encourage my students to keep an open mind.

For Lightworkers who do believe that dark entities exist, the category of dark entities is a “definite no” in our Categories of Contact Table. They are definitely not “of the light.”

Unfortunately, a thorough discussion of the topic of dark entities is beyond the scope of this blog post. The information provided in this blog post includes just basic information.

Before sharing how to deal with dark entities, I do want to share (a) a little of my background with dark entities and (b) what I have come to understand is my role in teaching about dark energy:

  • Like some of you, I was initially a non-believer. This was because I was not raised in a church environment that believed in concepts such as the devil, hell, purgatory, etc. Once I entered the metaphysical world, Spirit knew they needed to create a series of events that would prove to me that dark energy and dark entities do, in fact, exist. Let’s just say that I’m now a believer.
  • I now understand why they had to do this. They later explained to me that part of my life purpose is to help people understand how to deal with dark energy or entities. In order to do this, I had to believe in their existence. However, I do not claim to be an expert in dark entities! In fact, my role isn’t to deal with dark entities. My role is to (a) help people understand that they exist and (b) teach them how to feel completely safe doing spiritual work by instructing them in how to protect themselves when they encounter energy that isn’t coming “from the light.” This is why I have written many blog posts and an eBook focusing on psychic protection. (NOTE: See links at the end of this blog post.)

How to recognize dark entities

Dark entities are described in many different ways by different authors and different religious groups. This can include dark entities, dark force entities, dark beings, demons, the Devil, Satan, and many others. My spiritual sources have told me that one of the best ways to think of them is as fallen angels.

From my perspective as a teacher of Lightworkers, it’s not important to understand what they are, where they came from, etc. What IS important is be able to recognize when you are connecting with an entity that is not “of the light.”

Recognizing dark entities begins by understanding their goal: They want to stop your spiritual development. They do this by creating fear in you or in those around you.

Why would they want you to feel afraid? When you are fearful, our spiritual energy or vibrational rate decreases. We also feel reluctant to move forward on our spiritual path. Consequently, we don’t choose to take actions that support our spiritual growth (e.g., attend classes, read spiritually uplifting material).

The problem with recognizing dark entities is that they can be very tricky.  They may take a form that initially feels comforting to you (e.g., an angel). They may also say all the “right” things, such as telling you that they are “of the light,” that you are a powerful spiritual being, that you are loved greatly, that they are there to help you grow spiritually, etc.

Luckily, dark entities will eventually “trip up.” Due to their goal, they cannot sustain the charade. Why? Because they need you to be afraid. If the dark entity continues saying all the “right things,” then you won’t feel fearful. That’s why understanding their goal is so important. Their goal is to frighten you.

Another way to think of this is that fear is like food to them. Fear is a very low vibration, and it matches their lower vibration. When they are around lower vibrations, it makes them more powerful. Therefore, you can think of fear as their food; it sustains them. (We will use the food analogy again in a minute.)

Therefore, if you start to feel afraid when you are connecting with an entity, then there is a good chance that this could be a dark entity. Or, if you enter a space and get the “heebie-jeebies,” then there may be one or more dark entities in that area.

How to deal with dark entities

NOTE: For MUCH more information about how to protect yourself from dark entities, please refer to my eBook Psychic Protection 101.

Luckily, it’s relatively easy to deal with dark entities. Of course, they don’t want you to know this, but it it’s true!

Here are the basics that I teach all my students:

  • First, whenever you are connecting with a spiritual entity or doing spiritual work of any kind, you need to pay very careful attention to how you are feeling. If you are feeling uncomfortable in ANY WAY, take action! This could be fear, but it could also be uneasiness, wariness, discomfort, unsettled, etc. (NOTE: See last section in this blog post if you are worried about misjudging a situation.)
  • Now, to paraphrase a verse from the Bible: “Darkness cannot exist where there is light”? Guess what? This is true! Dark entities hate the light. The light is vibrating too high for them. It’s like fingernails on a chalkboard to them. When they are in the presence of light, they will leave.
  • Therefore, you need to do things that will increase your light (i.e., your vibration). Fear is the lowest vibrating emotion, so you need to move out of fear. There are many ways to do this. You could read spiritually uplifting material, pray, dance, laugh, send them love, and basically anything that makes you feel positive, uplifting emotions. However, if you were feeling fearful, then it’s hard for most people to quickly shift to feeling happiness, joy, love, etc. It’s “too big a jump.” If you can do it, great! However, for most of us, there’s an easier solution:
    • Get angry. Angry is a much higher vibrating emotion than fear, but it’s not a huge leap to go from fear to anger. And when I say get angry, I mean get really, REALLY angry. Think about it: How dare they try to frighten you. They are violating you space and your boundaries. You should be angry! Feel that anger!
    • Then express that anger. Either silently or aloud, tell the entity to go away. You have my permission to use every swear word in the dictionary.
    • Also, make sure you tell the entity to go away. Be VERY firm when you do this.  Tell this entity you do not want to speak with it. Due to the Law of Free Will, it must go away.  It is the Law! (NOTE: If you show any hesitancy, they will not leave. You have to VERY firm!) 

Will the dark entity come back?

You may be contacted again by this same dark entity or different one. However, if you consistently take this approach, they will stop coming around.

I know this to be true because I cannot remember the last time I was contacted by a dark entity. They know I’m not going to give them what they need and want, which is fear. Think about it: Their goal is to make me afraid. Instead, I get angry. Really angry. I’m not giving them the good that they need in order to feel powerful.

Eventually, the word gets out in the dark entity community that you aren’t willing to play their game. They stop contacting you and will, instead, seek out someone who will provide them with the food they need (i.e., fear). It truly works!

Entities from other worlds or dimensions

Again, it is beyond the scope of this blog post to thoroughly cover the topic of beings that come from other worlds or dimensions. But in general they fall into two categories:

  • Entities that come from other planets
    • This can include planets that we know of (e.g., Sirius, Pleiades) or planets that are yet to be discovered.
    • They prefer the term Star People rather than Extra-terrestials or ETs.
  • Entities that come from other dimensions
    • These entities do not live on a planet but exist in a higher vibrational form.
    • They can also be referred to as extra-dimensional, intra-dimensional, interdimensional, or other-dimensional beings.

These beings are not “in the light” or “on the others side” (e.g., angels, guides). They are living lifetimes like we are. Some are humanoid in appearance, but some are not. Some are just energy. And yes, some of them are Lightworkers, just as some of us are. But some are not.

Based on my experience, the vast majority of these groups of beings are benevolent and loving. Connecting with them is an honor! However, not all of them are “of the light.”

Should we communicate with entities from other worlds or dimensions

In our Category of Contact Table, this group is NOT a “definite no” for Lightworkers. This category is better described as “Proceed with Caution.”

At the present time, more and more entities from other worlds and dimensions are contacting humans. Why now? They want to support humanity during this important stage in our spiritual evolution. Many of these groups have already made the shift that we are currently going through, and they want to provide encouragement and guidance based on their experiences.

However, there are some groups that aren’t benevolent, and this why we need to be cautious. Some groups seek to slow down or stop humanity’s evolution. Their reasons for wanting to do this are, again, beyond the scope of this blog post.

Luckily, just as is the case with dark entities, it is easy to recognize when we are connecting with a group that does not have our best interest or humanity’s best interest as their goal. Although they may initially seem loving, supportive, or encouraging, they will eventually need to communicate something that will cause fear. As with dark entities, their goal is slow down or stop your spiritual progress, so they have to do something that will frighten us. They will always “show their hand,” as the saying goes.

If you are contacted by an entity or group that is not “working with the light,” then deal with them exactly the same way you would with a dark entity (see description above). You may not have to get as angry. Simply telling them to leave may suffice. However, due to the Law of Free Will, if you choose to send them away, they must leave. Again, it is the Law!

Deceased loved ones who haven’t (yet) crossed to the light

The Law of Free Will is paramount, both on this side and on the other side. This means that when we die, our soul continues to have free will.

Most souls choose to “go to the light.” Some may linger for a few days, often until they know their loved ones are doing OK. But they eventually choose to go home! The light is our home when we are no longer in a physical body.

However, for various reasons, some souls choose to not “go to the light.” They may remain “between words” for a few weeks, a few months, or forever. A soul can never be forced to cross into the light. Due to the Law of Free Will, it always has to be their choice.

Why would they choose to NOT go to the light? Some examples include:

  • Often, they remain because they mistakenly believe that they can help their loved ones better if they do NOT go into the light. Sadly, until they connect with God/Source/Spirit, their efforts to connect with loved ones are often clumsy and end up frightening those they wish to reassure.
  • Their death was sudden and unexpected (e.g., heart attack, accident, act of violence). It sometimes takes time for them to accept that they have died and to understand that the light will bring them peace.
  • They know they made “unwise” choices during their lifetime and they were raised in a religious tradition that believes in punishment and retribution (e.g., hell, purgatory). They do not understand that there is no hell and that the light is a place of only love, forgiveness, healing, compassion, etc.


  • Suicide: Those who did something to “contribute to their own passing” almost always cross immediately. Often, they wanted to die, so they don’t have any hesitation with continuing their “spiritual journey.” They are met with love and are always taken to a place where there are special guides that will help them heal. There is no retribution or punishment; only love and understanding.
  • Animals: It is exceedingly rare for an animal to not cross to the light. Partly this is because they do not have the frontal lobe that human beings have. Therefore, they don’t have the ability “think” about whether or not they should go to the light. But more importantly, animals are very connected with God/Source/Spirit through out their lifetimes. They instinctively know the way home. (See blog post Saying goodbye to our beloved pets and The Rainbow Bridge)

Should we communicate with deceased loved ones who haven’t (yet) crossed to the light?

Again, our Category of Contact Table shows that this group is NOT a “definite no” for Lightworkers. As with entities from other worlds/dimensions, this category is better described as “Proceed with Caution.” However, the reason for caution is different with souls who haven’t yet crossed to the light than with entities coming from other worlds or dimensions.

When we lose someone that we love, it is natural for us to want to hear from them. We want to know that they are OK, receive words of comfort, or complete some “unfinished business.”

When we connect with a soul that has left their physical body, our first step is to determine if a soul has or hasn’t crossed to the light. We do this by watching for certain “signs” that they haven’t crossed yet. These can include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Their energy is agitated and they don’t feel peaceful.
  • They express negative emotional states, such as fear, anger, worry, etc.
  • They will often re-live or re-tell their death experience over and over again.
  • They will be “stuck” on negative events that occurred during their lifetime.
  • They want to convey messages that are based on anger, retaliation, or retribution.
  • And many other signs, but the bottom line is that they are not coming from a loving place and they are not at peace.

These are all “red flags.” They indicate that this is a soul that needs our help. When we sense that a soul hasn’t yet crossed to the light, our focus shifts from (a) sharing messages with those on the earth plane to (b) doing what we can to help the soul cross to the light and find peace.

Why should we not share messages? Because the soul is not at peace. Consequently, their messages are almost always frightening to those who are still on the Earth plane. Their loved ones want to know that the soul is OK, and unfortunately, the soul’s messages convey the exact opposite of this. Our goal as a medium should ALWAYS be to facilitate healing. We should NEVER share anything that would interfere with the healing process.

Additionally, the soul isn’t “plugged back into Spirit.” Therefore, even a message that sounds reasonable isn’t necessarily coming from a spiritual perspective. The soul’s message is likely based on his or her Earth-centered opinions, biases, and judgments.

If you do connect with a soul that hasn’t yet gone to the light, your goal is to help them get to the light. You can either:

  • Assist them to cross – Please refer to my blog post How to help souls cross to the light for directions on how to do this.
  • Contact someone who can assist them to cross – If you don’t feel comfortable providing this service, you can contact someone who can perform this service. In the meantime, gently tell the soul that you are unable to help them at this time, that you cannot share messages with their loved one, and reassure them that you will get them the help that they need. Then, gently but firmly tell them that they need to leave. You usually do not need to get angry. A firm message is usually enough. But if they persist in “hanging around,” you may need to become more insistent and firm with them. It’s OK! You have a right to protect your space. And again, due to the Law of Free Will, if you choose to send them away, they must leave. Again, it is the Law!

Don’t worry that you are mistakenly sending away an entity that is “of the light”

One final note: Those who are new to spiritual work often worry that they will make a mistake and send away an entity that is “of the light” (e.g., angel, guide, deceased loved one who has crossed into the light). This is (by far) the most common reason someone will NOT send an entity away that is making the person feel uncomfortable.

Luckily, there is nothing to worry about. If you do happen to make a mistake and tell an entity that is “of the light” to go away, it will come back another time and try again. Truly, it will come back!

In fact, the entity will actually feel sorry for having approached you the wrong way. They will learn from what happened and make sure that next time they approach you in a way that allows you to feel safe!

Therefore, if you start to even suspect that something is not “of the light,” take action! Tell it to go away. Better to err on the side of caution than to make a mistake and communicate with something that isn’t coming from the light.

In fact, you actually don’t need to understand the differences between these three groups of entities.  All you need to do is use your training to discern between messages that you should listen to (i.e., message from our “peeps”) and messages that you shouldn’t listen to. 

In another blog post on discernment, I will explain in more detail how to recognize messages that are coming from the light and messages that aren’t. For now, it’s enough to know:

  • If something is “of the light”: The messages and energy will make you feel loved, cared about, strong and supported.
  • If something is not “of the light”: The messages or energy will make you feel uncomfortable, fearful, judged, and not supported.
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By Anne Reith, Ph.D.

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